3rd ICELL, International Conference on English Language and Literature

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Associate Professor in Comparative Literature at Osaka University, JAPAN.

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TAKAYUKI YOKOTA-MURAKAMI is a prolific comparativist whose main fields are literary theory, translation theory, Japanese literature, Russian literature, and (Japanese) popular culture, but he has also researched and published on other traditions as well, including English literature. Much inspired by cotemporary linguistic theories, his most recent research interest is bilingualism/ polyglotism in literature. He is now writing a book-length study on the function of the concept of “mother tongue” in literature and literary criticism. He is currently associate professor in comparative literature at Osaka University, Japan. He serves in a variety of capacities in a number of academic organizations, both domestic and international. He has PhD from Princeton University in comparative literature. His publication include: Don Juan East/West: On the Problematics of Comparative Literature (SUNY P, 1998), Iro-otoko no Kenkyu (The Study of Japanese Libertines; Tokyo: Kadokawa Gakugei Shuppan, 2007; winner of the Suntory Award for Outstanding Academic books), several other monographs, and a few dozens of articles in collections of essays and peer-reviewed academic journals.

Note to the topic: English and Cosmopolitanism: their Significance for the Diasporic Russian-Jewish Literati


Associate Professor of English Literature, LUMSA University, Rome, ITALY

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GIOIELLA BRUNI ROCCIA is Associate Professor at LUMSA University (Rome). At present she is also Director of the newly established degree course in Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication (Mediazione Linguistica e Culturale), where she teaches English Literature and Theory of Translation. Her major research interests lie in the interrelations among narrative, scientific and philosophical discourse during the Long Eighteenth Century. Her publications in this field include, besides numerous articles on the most important novelists of the period, the translation and critical edition of Shaftesbury’s Sensus Communis. An Essay on the Freedom of Wit and Humour (Rome, 2006) and a monograph on John Locke (Locke e la costruzione del lettore moderno. Sulle soglie del ‘Saggio sull’intelletto umano’, Rome, 2013). She has also devoted her critical attention to authors and works that marked a turning-point in English literary history, such as the first generation of Romantic poets with their innovative theory of poetic language, and the experimental fiction of the major modernist writers. The intersection between these two lines of research led to the publication of a comparative and intertextual analysis, entitled Myriadminded Men. Coleridge and Joyce (Rome, 2008).

Note to the Topic: Between Parentheses: The Poetics of Irrelevance in Virginia Woolf’s Experimental Fiction


University of Sydney, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

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PËRPARIM (RIMI) XHAFERI   was born in Albania and lived in Italy, and Australia. As many Albanians, due to economic constraints, he migrated to Italy in 1992; a time that he worked for the Humanitarian mission “Eagle”, led by the Albanian Defence Ministry. He holds a Bachelor Degree of Transport from the Military Academy (Skenderbej) in Albania; a Graduate Diploma in Humanities and Social Science and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from La Trobe University (Australia). He is currently a Ph.D candidate at the University of Sydney and works for Victoria University (Melbourne). His areas of interest are language and culture. In his current dissertation, he is exploring the Albanian identity through analysis of some latest works of the Albanian prominent writer Ismail Kadare. Rimi's work has engaged him with translating into English large amounts of material from Albanian sources; making him an interpreter and analyst of Albanian cultural and political materials into English language.

Note to the topic: The Political Contribution of Albanian Writers in Defining Albanian Identity: the Debate between Ismail Kadare and Rexhep Qosja