Prof. Ass. Dr. BUJAR HOXHA

Associate Professor, translator, researcher in Semiotics, South-East European University, Tetovo and Skopje, MACEDONIA

Prof. Assoc. Dr. BUJAR HOXHA was born in 1966 in Skopje, Macedonia. He finished his elementary and secondary school in his hometown. He enrolled Faculty of Philological Studies at the University of Skopje in 1984 and graduated in 1989: English Language and Literature with Italian Language and Literature. He further enrolled his Post-graduate studies at the University of Zagreb in Croatia, and gained his MA degree on the following topic: “Semiotics of the Characters of Othello and Rigoletto” in 1998. He enrolled doctoral studies and completed them in 2008, on the following topic: “Umberto Eco’s theoretical and methodological views: the poetics of the open work”. He gained the academic title of “Associate professor” in 2014, and currently works at the South-East European University in Tetovo and Skopje, Macedonia, since 2001.

Until now professor Hoxh has been teaching the following subject-matters: Theory of Literature, Shakespeare’s Theatre, Introduction to Communication Sciences, Theory of Communication, Multicultural Communication, Semiotic Approaches to Communication.

Out of his publishing and scientific activities one can number the following: two novels in Albanian: ‘Rruga per ne Olimp”, Asdreni, Skopje, 1995, and “Ludvig Vani dhe une ishim vetem”, Shkupi, Skopje, 2006. He has further published the following: “Cultural Heritage and Identity: the Albanian Experience”, in ‘Albanian Journal of Educational Studies” , Tirana, Albania, 2014; “Normality vs. Abnormality in a Child’s Behavior”, European Scientific Journal, Macedonia, 2014, “A Paradoxical Way of Communication in Children with Autism” in “Sociology of Study:”, Illinois, USA, 2015, and “Sui limiti della semiotica. La soggettività opposta all’oggettività”, in EC – Rivista italiana degli studi semiotici, University of Palermo, Palermo, Italy, in 2016.

Prof. Assoc. Dr. Hoxha is a member of the International Semiotic Institute in Kaunas Technology University, Kaunas, Lithuania, as well as a member of some international Projects under the supervision of Dr. Eero Tarasti from the University of Helsinki in Finland; such as: Semiotics of Cultural heritages, as well as Semiotics of Human Disabilities. His research fields include: semiotics of passions, semiotics of communication as well as existential semiotics.

Paper Title: Eco’s interpretative nature of the text: a process of semiosis with the reader


Literary critic, counsellor, honours in Ancient History and American History, University of Utah, USA

Professor William K. Martin took his first Bachelor degree in English Literature. He says that this degree taught him how to write a good business letter; and, moreover, it taught him how to think. After a successful career in business, Professor Martin sold his company and went back to the university, taking a second Bachelor degree in Latin and Ancient Greek, a Master’s degree in Ancient History, and finally a PhD in American History at the University of Utah – where in addition to his studies, he taught courses in history, English and in the humanities. He has published in literary and historical criticism. His first love, he says, has always been English Language and Literature, in which department he teaches at Beder University. He has lived in Albania for two years and makes Tirana his home.

Paper Title: Is the writing real…or fake?