6th ICELL, International Conference on English Language and Literature

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Literary critic, counsellor, honors in Ancient History and American History, University of Utah, USA

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Professor William K. Martin took his first Bachelor degree in English Literature. He says that this degree taught him how to write a good business letter; and, moreover, it taught him how to think. After a successful career in business, Professor Martin sold his company and went back to the university, taking a second Bachelor degree in Latin and Ancient Greek, a Master’s degree in Ancient History, and finally a PhD in American History at the University of Utah – where in addition to his studies, he taught courses in history, English and in the humanities. He has published in literary and historical criticism. His first love, he says, has always been English Language and Literature, in which department he teaches at Beder University. He has lived in Albania for two years and makes Tirana his home.

Paper Title: Language and thought in orwell’s 1984